Why Renewable Marketing?

At Renewable Marketing, we believe renewable is about clean energy. It’s also about empowering companies to cultivate their business to remain relevant and vibrant for the future.

Cultivating your business isn’t executing marketing tactics in isolation. It begins with a sound marketing strategy as the foundation of your business. Growing businesses change over time, requiring you to remind your clients of your value or redefining your value to clients.

To create vibrant companies that clients value, we take a market-based approach to looking at your market. We identify what makes your firm unique and connect you with new opportunities which link you with your market and your clients.

As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), we build on what distinguishes you to create a customized marketing strategy that becomes the foundation for your business. We look at your business holistically to ensure alignment of your marketing strategy and business strategy for maximum impact.

Once you approve the recommendations, the customized marketing strategy becomes your roadmap. We can collaborate with you to integrate it with your business strategy or execute the marketing strategy to guide and cultivate your growth.

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Our Mission


We empower businesses and nonprofits with game-changing strategies to cultivate growth and investment in current and new markets. We guide and partner with our clients to build strong market positioning through identification of opportunities for success in an ever-changing environment.


Creating time and space for you to cultivate the future of your business.


Renewable Marketing serves leaders by inspiring their organization to embrace strategy so they can achieve long-term goals to cultivate and renew growth. We do this by:

  • Listening and revealing your business goals, objectives and challenges
  • Dissecting your market to understand client needs, market trends, and opportunities
  • Sharing insights, providing recommendations for your business strategy, and delivering an integrated marketing strategy for competitive advantage in an evolving marketplace

Our Philosophy


As a marketing strategy firm, Renewable Marketing empowers small and medium businesses to cultivate their business and grow through a market-based strategy.

Impact on Your Business:

  • Empowers organizations to take a long-term view.
  • Pinpoints hurdles that lead to transformative growth opportunities while competitors are mired in the day-to-day tactics.
  • Enables proactive decision making through the business life-cycle that leads to increased profit margin.
  • Continually monitors external and internal challenges, examines their impact and offers a productive roadmap to overcome challenges before they affect the bottom line.
  • Pinpoints the needs and desire of your target audience to develop deeper insights and thus discern new trends before competitors – identify new product, services, and new target audiences to increase revenue growth – leaving the competition in catch-up mode.
  • Identifies competitors, disruptors, and the potential sale of companies to develop proactive strategies instead of responding to changes.
  • Offers discernment to invest in processes, resources, skills, and capabilities for organizational transformation.
  • Stresses the critical nature of communication with employees and business partners to ensure strategy buy-in and alignment.
  • Provides a strong foundation for marketing – allowing customers to understand the benefits of the business problems you’re solving.

Marketing Strategy Based on a Well-Defined Business Strategy:

  • Touches every part of the business and is critical to a company’s success.
  • Informs and aligns with other departments and organizations.
  • Enables companies to respond to market disruptions to create opportunities for growth.
  • Identifies the most profitable service or offering to market and the RIGHT tools to reach the RIGHT audiences.
  • Allows leaders to understand the importance of continued investment in marketing that will yield long-term returns.

Meet Carla Fleming: Founder & Chief Strategist

Yes, I freely admit it. I’m a strategy nerd.

My family has a shared interest and has nurtured my inner strategic thinking capabilities where problem solving is our natural family talent.

My passion for strategy began early. It included creating a plan for attending graduate school, before graduating from college to developing business and marketing strategies for several business lines at IBM, and for nonprofit organizations. Building on my foundation of experience, I’ve made some wonderful discoveries. I realized I’m an idea person who loves to connect the dots. Those new insights allow for out-of-the-box thinking. It also empowers me to dream bigger than I ever have before.

Whether I’m reinventing my career or repositioning a business for growth, this process requires strategy to make it come to fruition. My belief is strategy isn’t just for large companies. It’s a mandatory requirement for all businesses, nonprofits, and organizations.

As a virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I empower organizations with a market-based approach to create game-changing strategies to cultivate growth and investment in current and new markets. I connect your marketing strategy with your business strategy for maximum impact. Together, they enable you to move your business from concept to action, scale your business, and achieve your goals.

With over 25 years of experience, I have:

  • Served as an Adjunct Professor, on an as needed basis, to teach marketing management to MBA students at The George Washington University. Taught marketing strategy to MBA students at Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business.
  • Built the marketing strategy and marketing campaign strategy as the Senior Product Marketing Manager for IBM’s Federal Infrastructure team’s initial year, and increased pipeline by 339% the second year.
  • Developed the Women-Owned Business seven-year European and Asia expansion program as the Global Product Marketing Manager at IBM.
  • Sold technology solutions to publishing and health care companies and nonprofit organizations as an IBM sales representative and exceeded quota.
  • Served as CMO for Leaders in Energy, a clean energy and sustainability nonprofit.

That “gift” my parents gave me—the love of overcoming difficult challenges with a sound strategic approach—has definitely paid off in my professional life.

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Carla is available for speaking engagements.

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  • Corporate Presentations
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Corporate Retreats
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